The Safari Collection

The SAFARI Collection is taking you on a crazy African adventure already this autumn.

The wild beauty of Africa inspired us to use bold prints in a bold and gentle combination for our new collection.
The exquisite power of the leopard and the perfect patterns of the zebra are the base of our pattern.

The female power and beauty of African goddesses were carried in our designs as well.

African mythology paints the female uniting land, fire and air and gives them gentle names of the goddesses Oya and Ala , whose modernized vision we recreated in The SAFARI Collection.

Africa is mystical, it is wild, it is beautiful, so is our latest collection – The SAFARI Collection. Be part of the safari tribe on the beach,  bring the wild savannah in your beach wardrobe. Look at the two faces of the wild and make your unique combination with ” mix & match” our suggestions.


The vibe of the wild is pre- calling on the 9th of September 2021.


The New Island Collection

One exotic, wild, enchanting and colorful collection inspired by the summer and all the moments awaiting for you during the warm days and cool evenings by the sea or in the city.

The floral motif is a forever trend and mostly preferred in 2021.I present you a collection, Inspired by the passion to travel the world and the emotion to rediscover every time new and unique color combinations.

I created a vibrant and colorful collection to emphasize the refined taste and love for accessories. Conquer every corner of the world and be dazzling! You des erve it, and our new collection gives it to you!

 The Island Collection by Sevi by Sevdalina will unlock the summer goddess in you. Be brave, bold and incinerating. I created a collection inspired by beautiful memories that you can dive into right now. In the collection you will find enchanting dresses, beachwear, various designs of swimsuits and signature for the brand accessories  such as turbans, headbands and voluminous hair bands.

Make your summer memorable!



Bridal Turban Collection SEVI by Sevdalina

People say “Everything happens when it needs to happen” – and they’re very right.
Over the years, I was asked “Why don’t you create a bridal collection of turbans?”, they suggested that this is an interesting niche and would complement my brand, but somehow it only stayed on the ” to-do” list and I found countless excuses not to do it.
Well, dear girls, I got married and something magically strange happened in the process of the organization. Somewhere between searching the dress of my dreams and trying the delicious wedding cakes, I saw them- my bridal turbans. My muse came back, the tasks were arranged, and in the busiest bride-to-be period, I sat down to sew.
I visualized the entire collection to the smallest detail in a day. From the glitter of the small beads to the edge of the delicate lace, they are all here, as I have always wanted them: gentle, ethereal, unconventional with a little of my heart embedded in each one.
The bridal turban I made with love for the modern, romantic bride, who follows the tradition in her own way, who likes to recreate the standard into innovative and a little extravagant Way.

Photographer: Todor Tsarkov
Model: Kalina Miteva


Each Turban is handmade with Italian luxury fabrics- two layers of Italian tulle create a soft and gentle halo effect around the head. I decorated them with French, hand-embroidered lace, delicate Swarovski crystals , fine beads and pearls , to add a sense of luxury and turn the turban into a real jewel on the bride’s head on her most dreamy and expected day.


With even greater excitement, I want to share that on the day of my wedding, my wedding collection was published exclusively on the cover of the September issue of “Svatba”/”Wedding” magazine. I would like to take the moment here and thank to the photographer Koko Krastev and the model Petya, who helped me to recreate as much as possible my idea for how the 21st century bride should look like.


Photographer: Koko Krastev
Model: Petya

I proudly share the photos from the “Bridal Turban lookbook” and hope they are an inspiration to any bride who would like to achieve an unconventional and unique appearance for her wedding. What do you think?


Warm Regards,
Sevdalina Dyakova


SEVI by Sevdalina’s attractive head accessories compete with worldwide brands

Ivana Stoyanova


In recent years, turbans have gained tremendous popularity worldwide and have become an up-to-date fashion accessory. They are an integral part of collections and fashion shows of top designers and brands such as Gucci, Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Marc Jacobs and others. The trend in Bulgaria is imposed by Sevdalina Dyakova, who is our only national designer of turbans. Her creations are not inferior to world brands in terms of quality, aesthetics and high-level craftsmanship. Namely because of her quality and beautiful design, Sevi by Sevdalina’s turbans become a favorite accessory for many famous people, including the singer Ishtar. The designer has produced turbans for the women of several sheiks from different Arab countries, as well as many singers, models, actresses and influencers from Bulgaria and other places. Sevdalina Dyakova first clashes with the turban as a fashion accessory while traveling abroad and is impressed by the way it gives an exotic and magnetic look as well as a perfect finish to the toilette no matter how sporty or elegant. Having found that quality turbans are quite expensive, Sevdalina decides to make a few for herself and gets a lot of positive feedback. Inspired by interest and demand, she decides to create her own brand – Sevi by Sevdalina, which develops her ideas for a modern interpretation of the turban type hat.

“At first I had some slight doubts and worries about how the ladies would perceive the word “turban”, but it turned out that my clients were more informed and even bolder than me. For a short amount of time, this fashion accessory has become visually fascinating and free of all political and religious roots, and the approval and enthusiasm of the ladies who actively sought out my turban have overcome all my fears,” says the designer.

The story of the traditional turban comes from distant Mesopotamia when it was worn only by royals and spiritual leaders. Over the years, it has spread to different cultures and religions, serving as an identifier for particular social groups according to its color and form. The traditional turban is a very long scarf that is soaked in water, then wrapped around the head so that its owner’s head can cool off during the hottest period of the day. This type of accessory has been featured in the visions of iconic names in cinema and showbiz, among which there are established fashion icons – Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Sofia Loren, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday and others.

The turbans created by Sevdalina Dyakova are in modern shape – a hat type, ready to be worn to facilitate the ladies. Besides beautiful, turbans are also very practical. Depending on the fabric and the model, they can fit perfectly into any vision – sporty, sporty-elegant, beach, daily, winter, summer, evening, cocktail – from the most casual to the most formal. During the hot summer days, it can protect the head from the fiery sun and in the winter – from the cold, rain and snow. They can both preserve the haircut and save a visit to the hairdresser by hiding a bad one.

Sevdalina Dyakova produces her turbans from the highest quality fabrics, which are uncreasable, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and especially beautiful. The fabrics are chosen according to the season, in the summer season lighter fabrics are used – georgette, stretch, thin neoprene, jacquard, cotton fabrics and fabrics with fine sequins, and in the winter season thicker fabrics are more common – wool, cashmere, leather and the so-called bouquets. The designer combines her materials with various accents, such as pearls, Swarovski crystals, brooches, handmade flowers, ribbons, bundles and more. “The design of the models is entirely mine, I get inspired mostly while selecting the fabrics. When I see a fabric that impresses me, I immediately imagine how the turban made by it will look like and what details it will have. If I cannot imagine it, I just do not buy the cloth – it is obviously not the right choice”, says Sevdalina Dyakova. Often she receives queries for individual orders because each lady has her own vision of how her accessory should look and with which toilette she wants to combine it with. The designer does not regard this as extra work, but as an opportunity to get closer to the taste of the ladies, to learn more about their desires and to exchange ideas and inspiration. Other interesting head accessories by Sevi by Sevdalina are turban headbands, as well as French berets, which are also very trendy at the moment. The designer also produces attractive turbans for newborns entirely of 100% bio cotton.

Sevdalina Dyakova’s ambition is to create beautiful accessories for a modern woman who is interested in a flawless look, follows trends, likes to experiment with her style and wants to be noticed. This striving as well as the achievements of the young designer also do not go unnoticed. For a short amount time, Sevi by Sevdalina has become a recognizable brand among women and has enjoyed great interest. Over the past two years Sevdalina Dyakova has received several fashion recognitions. The first one being “Miss Lady of the Year 2017”, category Fashion. It is important to note that she wins this award only 5 months after starting her project. “I was so excited, that I spent more than three weeks making a turban with 3,000 Swarovski crystals which I would wear during the ceremony.” After two more distinctions – “Best Brand of the Year 2017”, category Accessories and also the lifestyle award “Fashion Brand” in February 2018, the designer is noticed by the Academy of Fashion and receives an invite to attend the fashion show and spectacle of the prestigious annual awards “Golden Needle 2019”.

1. Photo from fashion show by Marc Jacobs, Spring / Summer 2018.
2. Models of Missoni.
3. Sevdalina Dyakova wears Sevi by Sevdalina.
Photo: 1. – 7.: Personal archive
8. – 10. Fashion show of Sevi by Sevdalina at Golden Needle 2019.
Photo 8. – 10: Hilife
11. Sofia Loren with a turban.
Photo: REX /
12. Zeyneb Madzhurova with a Sevi by Sevdalina turban.
13. Nikoleta Lozanova with a Sevi by Sevdalina turban.
14. Zlatka Dimitrova with a Sevi by Sevdalina turban.
15. Svetlana Gushterova with a Sevi by Sevdalina turban.
16. Tita with a Sevi by Sevdalina turban.
17. Alexandra Petkanova with a Sevi by Sevdalina turban.
18. Sonya Nim with a Sevi by Sevdalina turban.
19. Alexandra Petkanova and Sonya Nim with turbans by Sevi by Sevdalina.
20. – 24. Headband style turban by Sevi by Sevdalina.
25. – 28. Sevdalina Dyakova presents hats by Sevi by Sevdalina.
29. Angela – daughter of Miss Bulgaria World 2017 Veronika Stefanova, with a baby turban by Sevi by Sevdalina.
30. Turbans for a mom and a baby by Sevi by Sevdalina.
Photo 12. – 30: Personal archive


SEVI BY SEVDALINA представи част от новата си колекция тюрбани по време на престижните награди за мода “ЗЛАТНА ИГЛА 2019”.

Иновативният моден бранд СЕВИ БАЙ СЕВДАЛИНА представя модерна интерпретация на тюрбани – тип шапка. Те са ръчно изработени от Севдалина Дякова по нейн дизайн със съвременна форма.

Ефектни и практични, тюрбаните са подходящи за плаж, коктейл или разходка, както и за всеки сезон, тъй като предпазват от атмосферните влияния и запазват прическата. Изработени са от висококачествени немачакеми материи: кадифе, букле, жакард, жоржет, кожа, вълна и пайетени материи с интересни десени.

Един личен разговор с младата блогърка Tsvetelina Baycheva

Един личен разговор с младата блогърка Tsvetelina Baycheva.

Последвайте нейният блог 👉 Sparkletales, в който тя ще разказва вдъхновяващи истории на млади хора, успели да сбъднат мечтите си! А нашето интервю, можете да видите тук:

SEVI By Sevdalina в колаборация с Instinct Store

SEVI by Sevdalina e български моден бутик за изработка на тюрбани. Брандът е стравнително нов и този сезон празнува втората си годишнина, и макар и за толкова кратко време успя да се превърне в разпознаваем за българския пазар и любим сред съвременната жена, която обича да екперементира с визията си, обича да бъде забелязвана и неотразима
Луксозните тюрбани са ръчно изработени от най-висококачествените и модерни материи на пазара. Новата колекция е вдъхновена от Близкия Изток и е заложено изцяло на лъскави материи, пайети, жакард, а тюрбаните пленяват с уникален дизайн и начина, по който добавят нотка изтънченост и завършеност на всеки тоалет.

През 2017 година марката спечели престижната награда BEST BRAND AWARD в категория Модни Аксесоари, а собственичката и дизайнер на SEVI by Sevdalina – Севдалина Дякова бе отличена с наградата Мисис Дама на годината в Категория Мода.

На подиума на Sofia Fashion Week, Sevi by Sevdalina ще се представи за първи път и ще партнира с Instinct, единственият бранд за бременни жени в България.