Garden of Eden candle


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With every gentle, floral fragrance, flowers try to talk to us – they whisper to us, women, how gentle, fragile and wonderful we are. In our desire to create the most tender and women’s collection, we managed to recognize the essence of the ladies in this fragrance. In our reading of the language of flowers we have included soft and creamy vanilla, which is saturated with a gentle combination of different colors and ripe berries. The top notes of black cherry and iris color weave into the heart of this fragrance, saturated with sweet raspberries, forest strawberries and tender, blooming plum. The base notes of vanilla, sugar and musk ground this fragrance and strengthen our connection with nature. The perfect color-fruity balance reminds us of forest magic.

The products of the series are carefully prepared with a pinch of magic and love. Created from natural and biodegradable wax, with wooden wicks with a crackling effect and enriched with fragrances of the highest quality, Scandles offers natural and harmless products for nature and man. Relying on the natural, the brand is subordinated to fashion trends and innovative solutions, looking for ways to offer stylish and luxurious products.

The candle weights 210 grams.