The SAFARI Collection is taking you on a crazy African adventure already this autumn.

The wild beauty of Africa inspired us to use bold prints in a bold and gentle combination for our new collection.
The exquisite power of the leopard and the perfect patterns of the zebra are the base of our pattern.

The female power and beauty of African goddesses were carried in our designs as well.

African mythology paints the female uniting land, fire and air and gives them gentle names of the goddesses Oya and Ala , whose modernized vision we recreated in The SAFARI Collection.


Africa is mystical, it is wild, it is beautiful, so is our latest collection – The SAFARI Collection. Be part of the safari tribe on the beach, bring the wild savannah in your beach wardrobe. Look at the two faces of the wild and make your unique combination with ” mix & match” our suggestions.

The vibe of the wild is pre – calling on the 9th of September 2021.