People say “Everything happens when it needs to happen” – and they’re very right.
Over the years, I was asked “Why don’t you create a bridal collection of turbans?”, they suggested that this is an interesting niche and would complement my brand, but somehow it only stayed on the ” to-do” list and I found countless excuses not to do it.
Well, dear girls, I got married and something magically strange happened in the process of the organization. Somewhere between searching the dress of my dreams and trying the delicious wedding cakes, I saw them- my bridal turbans. My muse came back, the tasks were arranged, and in the busiest bride-to-be period, I sat down to sew.
I visualized the entire collection to the smallest detail in a day. From the glitter of the small beads to the edge of the delicate lace, they are all here, as I have always wanted them: gentle, ethereal, unconventional with a little of my heart embedded in each one.
The bridal turban I made with love for the modern, romantic bride, who follows the tradition in her own way, who likes to recreate the standard into innovative and a little extravagant Way.

Photographer: Todor Tsarkov
Model: Kalina Miteva


Each Turban is handmade with Italian luxury fabrics- two layers of Italian tulle create a soft and gentle halo effect around the head. I decorated them with French, hand-embroidered lace, delicate Swarovski crystals , fine beads and pearls , to add a sense of luxury and turn the turban into a real jewel on the bride’s head on her most dreamy and expected day.

With even greater excitement, I want to share that on the day of my wedding, my wedding collection was published exclusively on the cover of the September issue of “Svatba”/”Wedding” magazine. I would like to take the moment here and thank to the photographer Koko Krastev and the model Petya, who helped me to recreate as much as possible my idea for how the 21st century bride should look like.

Photographer: Koko Krastev
Model: Petya


I proudly share the photos from the “Bridal Turban lookbook” and hope they are an inspiration to any bride who would like to achieve an unconventional and unique appearance for her wedding. What do you think?


Warm Regards,
Sevdalina Dyakova